Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas: It's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well with Christmas finally here, we've released our first game "Zombie Planet". It has been a fun ride working on it and we learned a lot.

When Marc and I started talking about making some fun little games for the iphone, we had a dozen or so ideas knocking around. Some were very simple, some elaborate, and the game mechanics and subject matter were quite varied. We'd settled on "Zombie Planet" mostly because we thought it would be a super fun theme, and the model would allow us to experiment with a few things which will help us in the future. So we decided the game would be a little different than the other zombie games we played on the iphone. We wanted the visuals to be a little tighter. We wanted the cutest, ugly little zombies, and we wanted a style simple enough to work with quickly.

Originally we wanted to release a very elaborate game with Monster Bash having many levels, and there being a dozen or so mini games, and the mini games would be updated monthly. But then given the fact that we both have day jobs and freelance clients, we knew that it would be best to remain nimble. So we decided to release a base game for Monster Bash, and we will be adding levels, features, and new mini games frequently. So once you buy the base game all updates are free. We hope to update monthly and sooner if possible. Monster Bash will be level based game play with an increasing variety of click management gameplay. The mini games will be a varied array of everything and the kitchen sink. From puzzle, to action the theme will be consistant, but the feel of each mini game will be unique.
We've also been lucky to have Neil Kennedy join our team to give us some kicking sounds and music.

Get it here:

So I hope you guys play the game, and I hope you like it. There is lots of fun stuff to come. And if anybody has comments, suggestions, ideas or anything they'd like to see, email us at:

We're learning and having fun doing it. Your feedback keeps us improving and growing. And your support will keep us adding new content

Cheers and Merry Christmas.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zombie Planet!

Well it's been longer than we had hoped before we could get this blog going but things are going well and the end is in sight. Marc and I have been learning a lot in the process of making our first iphone game. It's really been a fun process with more laughs than tears so far.

Blistered Thumb's first game release will be titled "Zombie Planet!". We had a handful of ideas knocking around but we decided for better or worse this was the one we wanted to do first. The concept was simple. Lets make a zombie game where the player gets to kill the crap out of hundreds of the undead but lets do it in a way that is light, fun, and easily accessible.

We will be revealing more information, images and videos in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


Friday, September 11, 2009

You've Created a Monster!!!

Well Marc and I in our abundance of free time and energy, have decided to start a bit of a creative endeavor which has become "Blistered Thumb Games". The name comes from the ingrained memory of playing some of the early console button mashing classics for hours on end until a blister forms. Did anybody else try adding extra padding to the band-aid so they could keep playing. It never works!

Anyway, the problem with a labour of love is often you don't get to work on it half as much as you would like to especially when you have a full time job. Nonetheless we both love playing games and figure it's time to make some of our own. We have a hat full of ideas but our first kick at the can will be announced hopefully by Halloween. Stay tuned. Perhaps we'll start dropping hints in a week or so as to the theme and game play. Maybe we already have???

Cheers for now.